The Supersix

wpid-img_20150422_121007.jpg 2012 Cannondale Supersix

Carbon frame, SRAM Red22 11 Speed Drivetrain, FSA cockpit and seatpost…

So, I have had this bike (in some form of component choice) since October of 2011.  Every now and then I think about getting something new (the itch.. you know it).   Recently, I did buy a touring/gravel/cross/steel/anything bike for touring.  I digress, but on my first tour (to India and New Zealand) I took my Specialized Epic full suspension mountain bike.  However, on the most recent tour (the Indian Himalayas, specifically Spiti Valley), I bought a Kona Rove, the aforementioned everything bike.  I will have posts on that bike and trip soon.  So, I still cannot get myself to rid the Supersix (there is nothing wrong with it), except the itch to get some new uber light carbon superbike…  Then… I ride it, and the urge to get something new just disappears.  The bike handles so perfectly, it’s scary.  On a recent trip to Arkansas, I was coming down a hill which had a corkscrew turn at the end.  I had never been on that road, but it was smooth.  I was really flying, just tearing up the speedo past 30mph.  Then, I saw the turn… I hunkered in, just started hard on the brakes, then let go, and let it fly through the turn.  I was sure I was done… pavement trash, road dust… whatever.  The bike held a perfect inside line through the corner!  So awesome.  I had never taken a corner that fast before, but the bike just doesn’t care; IT knows what to do.  So, I cannot give this one up.  It’s here to stay.  Ok, so I will start posting on the Himalaya tour real soon.  Stay tuned.

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