Auckland New Zealand

Auckland Airport, then onto Rotorua New Zealand.  Rotorua is approximately a three hour drive from Auckland.  In Rotorua, i have rented an accomodation through  Rotorua is a mountain biking mecca. 


Air NZ Boeing 787 wing.  We are on approach to Auckalnd Intl. 




At the baggage area.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  After three countries and that many aircraft, will the bike make it??  Lets see…


Apparently, i was late.  She was already off to the side waiting for me.  She gets around… 


The immigration process was very quick and efficient.  It took 9 minutes from the time i entered the line to the time the officer stamped my passport.  Once finished, you, then go to baggage claim.  Then, the final baggage xray area before to the main area of the airport, which is shown in the pic above.  Now, since i have a bike, they send you to the right side of the xray machines for bike inspection.  New Zealand, along with Australia, are very specific on the cleanliness of any sport equipment coming into their respective countries.  The item(s) cannot have any dirt or bio matter of any kind on the equipment, in this case a mountain bike.  If it does have dirt, then, it is quarantined, and you must pay for a cleaning and bio hazard removal.  I dont know how much they charge.  You are not allowed to take pics of the area where thy inspect the bikes.  So, here is how it went… i got to the inspection immediately, no waiting.  It is a big area with stainless steel tables.  The bike case was still on the cart, and is stayed on the cart.  I didnt have to lift it onto the table, which was good. The officer asked me if it was a road or mountain bike, i replied mountain.  Then, i said, i ride road mostly, but since i am going to Rotorua, i brought the mountain bike.  He turned out to be a road rider, and we just took 5 minutes talking about bikes and pedals and such.  Cool dude.  I opened the case, and he just stated it was very clean.  He looked for the tires, which in my case were new.  I brought a second set of tires to use in NZ, which i hadn’t mounted yet.  So, he saw that, and just said ok thats good.  I closed it up, and we talked about bikes some more.  Then, he had another bike inspection, so, his supervisor walked me to the xray for my bag and i was done.  They are so nice and efficient.  Very well organized system, and very efficient staff who definitely knows and cares about what they are doing. 


Find the rental car…


Found it!!!  It was the biggest car they had!!!  Everything else was preety much a shitty little corolla, and you know how much i hate those!! 

On my way to Rotorua!!!  Yippeeee!! 

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