Leaving India

So, I got to Mumbai, and checked in to the Holiday Inn Mumbai Airport. 


That is the pool on the roof.  As you can see there was a lot of haze (pollution) in the air.  You couldn’t stay at the pool very long because the bad air would get to you.  Around the hotel are slums, so, it wasn’t very pleasant walking. 


Mumbai airrport is quite nice.  It is fairly new, and is very airy.  Although, the mosquitoes are everywhere inside.  Kinda sucks to build such a nice airport, then, cannot control the pests. 


I think the bike was more than ready to get outta India!! 


The lighting at the airport is very nice. 


The Thai Airways counter.  They totally ripped me off for the cost of the bike.  According to their website, it is a flat fee when you travel in this region (i.e. not ingressing or egreessing to/from North America).  However, they used a weight method.  I got the supervisor involved, but to no avail.  Their attitude was pay or lose the flight, because they had people on standby ready at the airport.  Horrible company.  NEVER fly Thai Airways.  They are going to get a bad Google review!!  The plane was nice though, shhhhh!!!  Brand new Airbus A380, i know, i know, i dont like airbus, but it had Recaro seats!! You gotta love Recaro seats!!  Horrible airline company though.  Dont use Thai Airways… dont… they suck.   They are cheats!!!  N e v e r  f  l y  T h a i !!  I m going to buy that website… Neverflythaiairways.com   I m going to put links to their website, and totally take over their google page!! Ha ha ha…  it will be so much fun!! 


Stop over in Bangkok international airport to switch planes.  I gotta tell ya, this is a horrible airport.  Its so mundane, and basic, and ugly.  Wow, it definitely makes me NOT want to visit Thailand.  Oh well, just switching planes…


Next stop… Tokya Narita International Airport Japan.  Very efficient and clean.  I would visit Japan.  Here to switch planes from Thai Airways to Air New Zealand. 


Air New Zealand.  Just one more flight, the longest for the day yet, and i am there!!  The flight from Mumbai to Bangkok, and the flight from Bangkok to Narita were not very long.  By the time you take a short nap, and read for an hour, you are there.  Not tiring, especially in the A380, from Mumbai to Bangkok.  The plane from Narita to Auckland (via Air NZ) was a new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  It wasnt very nice.  I dont know what Boeing is thinking…  the seats and legroom were much less than the airbus counterpart.  The seats were not as comfortable.  The overhead storage bins were much smaller because boeing wanted to make the cabin “feel” more airy and open.  So, to achieve that, they made the overhead bins smaller and higher up, which makes it very difficult to close, for shorter people.  They are trying to sell this aircraft in Asia, where most people are short, comparatively to North America and Europe.  Very strange thinking on the part of a supposedly smart company.  Just goes to show you that when your people dont have real world expertise, they will botch up a would be nice product.  Maybel they will make changes in the next upgrade.  Also, the boeing didnt have shades on the windows, they use a chromatic glass (which changes the shade, like those transitions lenses).  That was just an annoying feature.  That money should have been spent on the seat comfort.  Another smart company gone…  is Airbus officially outselling Boeing?  Anyone know??  Lets find out.


I dont know what happened to the pic… but as you can see, the bins are way high up and much smaller than other aircraft.   I saw several passengers who couldnt put things in, or just couldnt close them.  What a stupid idea someone had.  I wonder if they had a Friday morning meeting, and some idiot threw this idea out, just to get to leave work early that day.  Ha ha ha… i cant figure out why they would muck this up!!! 

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