National Park Zoo

So to finish up the natl park, i went to    the zoo..
After white tigers, nothing else came close.


its trying to be cute, with a vogue pose… its not able to pull off “cute”.  The tigers could do it.  I miss the tigers already. 😦



Ugly… shtty…


Doesnt look too happy.  Probably annoyed that the tigers and lions have full sanctuarys with lots of acres to roam around, and he has only 5000 sq ft.  Shouldnt have gotten caught, dummie.


Funny creatures.  They can run fast though.


Yep annoyed…


This was the queue for the safari at noon.  It goes all the way back to the back of the zoo.  One third of these people wont get to go on the tour bus, but they wait anyway.  The zoo should have someone announcing how far the line of people will get to go, instead of making all of them wait it out.  So, it is best to go first thing in the am… besides most of these people will only get to see the bears and ellies.  All the lions and tigers are napping by then!!  Ha ha!!!

That was a good day at the national park!! 

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