More Natl Park

Tigers… are curious creatures.


Right off the bat, he is on the move. 


He/she is just a teenager.


Even for a teenager, his/her head is massive.  It was so close, the driver goes “make sure your window is locked”.  Hmmm… like the tiger is going to know how the window slide works anyhow.  I wanted to pet it. 


Tug the whiskers…. and give her a belly rub!!!  I want one!!!  Maybe just a rental.


The Bengal Tiger.  On the endangered species list.  They are extremely well cared for at the national park. 


The new additions.  These are two year old sisters.  They are treated with extreme care.

Ok so you all wanna see something really cool?  I know, what could be cooler than tigers?  Check the next post.

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