Bangalore Final, next stop Pondicherry

So, before the final thoughts on Bangalore, i have to tell you about the bomb blast.  Nearing New Years Eve, an IED went off at approx 830 pm on Chruch Street.  Chuch street has several restaurants, and is considered a tourist area.  I hadnt been to Church street, however, that same afternoon, i did eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, which is on the adjacent street (about 900 feet away).  The blast killed a mother of two on holiday from Pune, and injured a couple more people.  At the time of this writing,  19-20 days later, they still havent caught the perpetrator/perpetrators.  Very sad. 


So, i was to leave the following night (new years eve) on a bus to Pondicherry.  The buses here run at night, starting at 9 pm.  However, when i went on my walk the next morning, i didnt get a good feeling that the authorities had things in control.  So, i changed some plans around.  Instead of taking a bus, which, on new years eve, looked like a target of opportunity for the perps, i decided to hire the Hindustan ambassador and driver to drive to Pondy.  So, the next morning at 5 am, while still dark, i left that stupid city. 
I didnt really like Bangalore much.  It had some nice restaurants and such.  The people were cordial enough, but not super nice (although much nicer than the folks in Jaipur).  The city had more of a dirty feel to it, and, for some reason, i just couldnt get into a comfortable mood.  Anyhow, i knew i would have to visit it one more time for a 12 hours (on the way back from Pondy, my flight left from Bango). 

Next stop Pondicherry… East Coast here i come…..!!!!

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