Jaipur, with Bangalore coming up next…

So, just a few days in Jaipur, but i got a lot done.  It was a nice city, very beautiful.  The people weren’t as friendly as i have encountered elsewhere.  They seemed to be more focused on making money off of each individual tourist.  Other places i hadn’t felt that much hard sell pressure.  Ultimately, this has soured my perception of this wonderful city.  I won’t visit again. 


More of the Amer fort…


Now that is a door.  I am taking bids… eBay item no.  2000000000001


Stupid girl wouldn’t move from my shot.  I even tried hand gestures to make her move, she merely looked away.  I dislike stupid people.  Now i will have to break out the stupid eraser known as Photoshop…


It is a type of stone, almost looks like ivory.  It has been there for hundreds of years, and withstood millions of tourists as well.   Amazing.


A second courtyard.




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