You gotta keep moving, part 3

Where was i?  Lets continue with Jaipur… 


Inside the Pink City of Jaipur is this gate.  This is the only gate that is not totally painted pink.  The reason for this is that it is the entrance for the current royal family and their court/dignitaries. 


It is really beautiful, with the craftsmanship that goes into the buildings.  The original paint was made completely organically.  It was derived from a version of the root system of sugar cane.  The paint (in most places) is original; it has lasted over 200 years and still looks vibrant and beautiful.  The sections that have weathered unfavorably have been painted by the Rajastani government by more unnatural man-made chemically derived paint. 




The alley streets are a bit dirtier, but still the pink is everywhere.  Lots of small business everywhere.  Yes, he takes a lunch break from 1 pm to 4pm.


Another gate.  There are 4 gates… north, south…..and so on.


Plus, there are smaller gates to separate different sections of the Pink City.  This was done to protect fall back positions for the army, in the event the city was
Ever invaded. 


We had entered through the North gate, and we exited through this gate (the South gate). 

3 thoughts on “You gotta keep moving, part 3

  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures….love the elephants. I received the package you sent to me today, that was so thoughtful…totally love to read so as soon as I finish my current book I am starting a Princess Remembers. The scarf has elephants on it and they are my favorite..I shall wear it very soon. Keep the pictures and stories coming. Safe travels my friend. May


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