You gotta keep moving pt 1

Moving on to Ahmedabad for a diversion to drop off the bike and some extra clothes.  Re-fitted with just my Oakley tac backpack.  It so easy to travel with just that.  My other sister turned me onto these huge “space bags”.  They are available at Target.  You put your clothes in these huge “ziploc” bags, and, then, you roll them.  The air is dispatched from the bottom, and it lowers the amount of space needed in your bag or backpack.  I can carry 6 days worth of clothes and all my other items in one pack.  Its one of those inventions that (once you use it for the first time) think, “why didnt i think of that”.  Such an awesome invention.  I digressed.  Anyhow, i am in Ahmedabad, and have deposited my bike with my friend.  So, the plan now is to go north to Jaipur, and see some forts and cannons.  Then, go to Bangalore, then onto Pondicherry.  Now, i am thinking about another diversion from Bangalore.  I am thinking about going to Kodaikanal, which is a beautiful area of the country in the mountains in the south. 


There you go… diversion……………….


On the way to Ahmedabad.  It was a cute little village.


Cool road.  The trees overlapped in the middle.  It looked like all the branches from both sides of the road were trying to reach each other.  It sort of made a tree tunnell.  


Dont ask.  It is what it is.

2 thoughts on “You gotta keep moving pt 1

  1. LOL….always stay at Marriott when you can. Love the colors of the buildings, looks like you are having an amazing journey. Keep the pictures and comments coming. Safe travels my friend.


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