Addl Refl, part 4



Heavy loads too… i need a private hilly island to cycle in. 


Everyone shares the roads.


He was surprised to see me too… they only get to see lorrys and such.


Shhhh… it was so quiet.


The little shops along the way.  Its 97 f , and those bags of chips stay there all day.  I wondered if they were still good to eat?  I decided they wouldnt be very good and just didnt get any of this. 


Along the way, i saw lots of rivers and streams in this state.  Not alot of rainfall this year.  Global warmîng , i reckon. Sux.


Another one.  Water level so low. 


Seems like the cows always crossed at inoportune times….

2 thoughts on “Addl Refl, part 4

  1. Happy Sunday Kris!! Wow that’s all I can say!!! Wow
    What a journey ! Cows, monkeys, and red buses!
    You are a poet ! Love your writing and pictures!
    Be safe and enjoy!!



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