Additional reflections, part 2

Here is part two.  I have good internet right now, so i am going to continue to post up some more pics.  Obviously, they are not in any order due to the limited access i have had over the last few weeks.  With the limited speeds and bandwidth, i had to make quick decisions on which pics to put on the blog.  Quick decisions on pics because i didnt know how long i would have internet.  What happens is ,sometimes, i would have an entire post written up, then before i can hit the post button, the internet would crash, and all my work… gone.  There isnt a way to save it before posting most of the time.  You have to post to save, then you can go back into it to edit.  Silly, i know, but its not my domain. 


This is a fort  outside of Murud.  It was made somewhere around the 1750-1800.  It is built inside the mountain.  They didnt have tours, unfortunately.  Really cool.


Tankers, lorrys, and buses…  “ok horn please”.  I will have a chapter on that soon. 


Nice lorry… nice lorry.  He observed the three foot rule.  🙂 


Shitty road surface, but beautiful scenery.  Cant win them all, all the time.


All the fishing boats are in.  I think this was the second or third day. 

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