Additional reflections from trip, so far

So, I left Goa, and hired my driver to bring me back with the bike to Ahmedabad.  However, before i get into that, here are some additional pics and comments from along the way. 


Always have had gorgeous mornings.  The topography and scenery is unmatched.  Every day you get to see amazing, beautiful areas.


These red buses… what can i say?  I would grow to hate these soooooo much.  They are state run public transport buses, and they truly dont care about anyone else on the road.  They drive so fast and all wirly.  Extremely dangerous to be anywhere near these abominations.


A floatilla.  I think they were on the way to a ceremony or, perhaps, a wedding?  It was beautiful, but on a bike its tough to make a turn and take a pic at the same time…. hence, a bit out of focus.  I am using an Olympus TG3 camera.  Highly recommend it!  From power on to full focus and fire is less than a second- 0.8 seconds.  Fastest boot time and focus on anything out there.  Its freaky how it does it.  Bonus is its waterproof, shockproof, and light.  I absolutely love it.  Best purchase ever.  Story behind it is this:  i bought a GoPro 3+ black edition for like almost 500 bucks.  Then, you get all the accessories… extra $2-300.  Then, i mounted it on my bike and thought i could use it as a video, and use my phone as a camera.  However, at the last minute i thought that i should have something better because this trip is long and worthwhile.  So, having spent so much on a gopro, mounts, and accessories i decided to keep the camera purchase on the reasonable side.  So, i went to best buy on the working theory that i could find something just north of $100 bux, and, that way i wouldnt be worried if i lost it or if it got damaged.  Well, i started playing with all the cheap stuff.  They were stupid, but i reserved myself on the fact that it was just a throw down.  Then, i saw an Olympus tg 850 (two year older camera from the one i have).  It was incredible.  From pushing the power button to taking a shot seemed so incredibly quick.  It said that it took 1.2seconds for a shot, including power up.  I played with it over and over again.  They were right. From pushing the power button to it focusing and taking a shot was a bit over a second.  But it was like $300… way over budget.  So, i went home to do more research.  I found out that just a month before Olympus had a new camera with even faster boot speeds and better aperture ranges.  So, i went to look for this TG3 miracle camera.  Ha!!!  Nobody had one… The kind folks at Houston Camera Exchange said it was nationally sold out.  They werent even taking orders for it.  I wont bore you with how i derived at locating one, but i did find three in Washington state.  I was fairly certain i was going to get taken on the price, but, to my surprise i didnt.  A reputable Olympus dealer for over 20 years, they sold it to me for MSRP and threw in free shipping.  Amazing.  My trip had already started well, with kindness and truth.  I was happy.  Love my camera.  I am forgetting the name of the dealer in WA, but i will post it as soon as i remember.  Order from them, they are really nice.  I promise i will publish their name, i am just not remembering right now. 
     I went back to Hou Cam Exch (they really are nice as well, unfortunately they didnt have it and i was leaving in 5 days) to buy a case and an extra battery.  They were having a manufacturer show, so , it was busy.  The olympus team was there, so, i asked the sales rep for a battery.  The olympus rep came by and goes “man , where did you get that”?  It was funny, i had a crowd around me looking at the tg3.  It was cool, just like cyclists.  Oh, man, where did you get those new zipp wheels, nobody has them… ha ha ha…  that was so awesome.  The olympus rep said that there were only 6 cameras in the US that were shipped that week.  He said that olympus misjudged the demand… doesnt hurt that all the magazines and online review sites are giving it awesome reviews. So thats the camera story… next story.


The gopro is on the handlebar.  I wish i could upload some video to this blog, but there just isnt enough internet speed/bandwidth to do so.  So, i plan to produce up a youtube vid after i get back.  Does anyone know how to put videos together…?  If so, please help me when i get back.  Thanks.


This one actually moved over more than 3 inches.  Seriously, they were bad.  Stupid red bus.


I had some very picteresque roads as well.  Look at this beautiful morsel of a road.  Look down the valley on the left… just so nice. 

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