Still in Goa

So the next few days, i just settled in to a life of being lazy…  surprisingly, it was easy. 


Just like these dogs… it’s easy to be lazy here.  The stores start opeining around 10am, then they close for lunch break at 1pm, re-opening at 4pm.  They shut it down between 7-8pm.  Nice schedule.  There is no road rage, no agitated attitudes, and anything like that.  Everyone just does their thing, and gets along.  The dogs are cute.  They all look so similar, and are super nice.  They don’t run after you or bother you when you are walking.  They will look up at you, in the event you have a treat.  I gave a couple of them some electrolyte chews, they loved it. 


One of the many churches in Benaulim Goa.  Very preety. 


Nice quite road to cycle on.  Its always preety here.  I haven’t seen a cloud yet…

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