More Goa

Having a really awesome time in Goa.  Its sooooo beautiful, and so very peaceful.  It’s going to be tough to leave…


Riding is ok here.  Not too stressful.  Just hot.  But i am    a v o i d i n g    Mr Winter this year!!   



Awesome beach.  So quiet, and blue warm water.  Someone from Germany brought a caravan (RV) all the way to spend a few months (its off to the right).


There is the RV.  Met the couple on the beach, and they were really nice.  Hmmm… RV… need to find an rv dealer here in India for the next trip.


Breaky at my other beach i frequent.  This ones my favorite.  They have these awesome little restaurants and huts at this beach.  The place is preety quiet though.  This is the main tourist time of the year, but the place is usually full of Russian tourists.  Goa is a major tourist destination for Russian tourists.  However, since the Ruble’s value has plummetted, there are not too many of them here.  Coincidentally, i seem to be the only American here.  They really like me, its funny.  I get awesome treatment everywhere, and the whole little town knows that i am the American.  Its good to be king.  I took a dolphin viewing trip, and they gave me my own boat (whereas the other 9 various people had to squeeze into a single boat).  The boats owner was like “no, no, boss i have special boat for you.. you like”.  It was awesome. 


The other boat…

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