Dudhsagar Waterfall

So, here is the waterfall.  It’s takes half a day.  You have to get to the place, then, book a jeep to take you to the waterfall in the national park.  In the national park, they don’t allow private cars, trucks, or jeeps. 


Started at the first crack of dawn.  Its a bit more than an hour drive to the natl park.


Getting closer…


We get there and we sign up for a jeep.  Then, they have one guy that distributes which order the jeeps go into the park.  I wasn’t quite sure how that worked.  However, i was in the first jeep.  The driver that brought me here was very well known and hooked it up good.  He’s a good guy; i used him throughout my stay in Goa.  If anyone goes, let me know, i will give you his name and phone number. 


So, i have a Russian family with me in the jeep.  I was quite popular in Goa, being one of the very few Americans here.  The Russians have been coming here for vacation/holiday for many decades.  Many people in Goa stated that they would like to see more other nationalities come here because the Russians are very rude to them and difficult to deal with.  I wasn’t sure how to take that at first.  I thought they were just kissing my arse to illicit a higher price for something i was buying.  It turns out, they were being very truthful.  I saw instances of rude behaviour to indigenous people.  Anyhow, i am not here to bad mouth anyone.  The Russian family i shared the jeep with were very nice.  They knew i was American, and we had a pleasant chat about travelling and such.  They needed some help in translating/understanding charges for entering the falls, and i was happy to help.  They didn’t understand that if you brought a camera with you, then, you have to pay another fee (typical Indian beaurocracy).  It’s one fee to enter, then another if you enter with a camera.  I hated this camera fee; an extra 100 rupees if you have a camera (and another 100 on top if you have a camera phone).  Ridiculous.  Anyhow, they weren’t letting our jeep in because one of the park rangers saw a camera through the window on one of the family members in the very back seat.  So, they wanted another 100 rupees, and the family wasn’t having none of that.  It was funny.  There was so much screaming and yelling.  Finally, the mom looked up at me and said “you know?”…  i said “da, i know”.   So, i quited the whole jeep down, then systematically told them about each fee.  Everyone finally understood and, slowly, coughed up 100 rupees.  On our way…



it was a 45 minute drive through a jeep only road, which consisted of dirt trail and  a few river crossings.  Fun, fun..

3 thoughts on “Dudhsagar Waterfall

    1. Squint your eyes, shrug your shoulders, raise your hands to shoulder level, chock your head off to the right 5degrees, and with a forward nodding motion day “DA” a lot. He he he. Universal translator… I invented it.


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