Dolphins and Ellies

So, here is my boat.  The USS KV…


Looking for dolphins.


Success!!!  Dolphins!!!  So cool!!  We found several dolphins.  Although they weren’t as cool as the fake ones in captivity and enslavment in Sea World.  These didn’t do any trix for me. I guess that’s why fake cheese always melts better.. i miss fake cheese. 


Butterly island.  So nice. 

Next day:  elephants and waterfalls…


My new friend… his name is Shyam.  He is so awesome.  Its incredible how strong these creatures are. 


Its such an amazing feeling.  They are all muscle underneath you.  They way they move is so deliberate, like they have choreographed each step to perfection.  Interesting and amazing. 


My other friend…  passed him/her everyday on the ride.  It was the only road, which led to other roads.

2 thoughts on “Dolphins and Ellies

  1. Looks like you are having an amazing time, I love all the pictures and the stories that go with. I cannot believe all the animals that you are getting to see….so jealous, Elephants have always been my favorite and there you are with one. Enjoy my friend and keep the pictures and stories coming. God speed and safe travels.


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