Benaulim beach Goa

I get to the flat that i am renting, and i am pleasantly surprised.  I checked for ants, because that is always priority number one.  The flat is in a resort, which has a restaurant, a pool, and lots of security.  I think they overdo it on the security because i just haven’t met anyone that even resembles wanting to steal from you.  The apartment is very clean, and the whole complex only looks to be a couple of years old.  The landlady is a very nice and helpful person.  I booked it through 


I have two patios, and this is a look ouside one of them.  Very quite and peaceful here.  Could get used to this. 


I think i can catch him.  Legs please dont fail me now.  This could be a glorious situation (my first pass of an Indian on a bike) or it could become one of my greatest disappoinments (unable to catch this runt of  a bike).  Speed, more speed.  Must have more speed.  C’mon Mr. Scott, fire up warp drive.  Agghhhh…  Fortunately, i had good legs going into Benaulim, and i disposed of him quickly.


Another pic from the stupid hills leading up to Goa.  Sorry for the sometimes inorderly pics, its just very difficult to get the pics onto the blog with the wifi (this cafe has dial up speeds, and they think its fast). 

10 thoughts on “Benaulim beach Goa

  1. Kris! How exciting! I love your journey! So
    Glad you are sharing ! Be safe and have a Great
    Day! Can’t wait to hear and see more! I read all
    of your trip to Mike! He sits there still and listens!

    Glad you had no ants! I despise ANTS!

    Mary and Mike


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