Something or Nothing

     So, that night i make it to Murad, with some directions from a nice young couple.  They were really cool.  They let me share a rickshaw with them for 4 km.  I, then, ride onto Murad, by the beach.  Very basic hotels, but i found one with a room with a/c.  I needed to cool down.  The hotel manager seemed to be a nice guy.  He had been managing the hotel for 9 years.  He had been living in the area for 20 years.  He immediately gave me a large,cold bottle of water.  So refreshing.  Nice guy.  We negotiated a rate for the a/c room, then i went up to take a rest.  He had my bike carried up to the room with me.  I didn’t even have to ask.  Things were looking good.  I put a Nuun electrolyte tablet in my water.  About an hour later it must have kicked in because i started to feel human again.  So, i started to do what any normal Kris would do.  No, not that, get your mind out of the gutter!!!  Look for ants.  I hate ants, and i cant stand being anywhere near them.  Shitty, creepy things.  Recon went well, No ants.  Bonus. 
  I went downstairs to ask the manager where i could get some food.  He suggested that i don’t eat any of the food from anywhere around there.  He was sure i would get sick.  I appreciated his honesty.  I went for a walk at the beach, and saw an amazing sunset.  Not a bad way to end a tough day. 


Where i had stopped for a coke on day 1.  It got difficult finding stuff after this. 


The hotel in Murad the first night. 


The sunset in Murad. 

Gonna try to upload this… 

3 thoughts on “Something or Nothing

    1. Stupid ants are everywhere here. So annoying. Bit I have been ant free for 2 weeks now. Quite happy about that. You should go to Goa with Mike for vaca. Absolutely beautiful.


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