Panjim and Margao Goa, India

So i get to Panjim, which is on the very north side of the state of Goa.  Goa is a state in India, not a city.  My destination is Benaulim beach, Margao, Goa-India.  I was about 50 km out from Benaulim beach.  Being 7 pm, i decided to get a hotel.  I had reserved a room at the Hotel Fidalgo, which seemed to get nice reviews.  It was the second most expensive hotel, but i wanted to stay at a nice place.  So, i tried to walk in and the doorman very rudely stops me.  He just grunts “no bike”, “you go” and points down the street.  I am not having any of this shit.  Who does he think he is?  I tell him i have a reservation, and i need to speak to the duty manager.  After about 10 minutes, the duty manager comes out.  I explain to him about my reservation and that i am cycle touring from the US.  He instructs me to go around back, and has a security guard escort me.  Then, they want me to keep my bike in an open bay, which faces a dirty gulley.  I don’t think so.  My bike stays in my room. Period.  So, the chief security manager comes to see me, and i tell him that that is not a secure area for this bike.  He agrees, but he doesn’t have anywhere else.  So, he tells me to go back to the duty manager, and ask for the hotel manager.  The hotel manager, Joel, comes out and comes to the back to look at the bike.  I tell him the same thing, the bike stays with me.  He, of course, states that cannot happen and it will have to stay here in the back…  i continue to argue with him.  Finally, we go inside to ask the general manager.  I tell him that this is the first time i am having an issue.  Even the Park , a couple of Taj’s allowed me to keep the bike in the room, plus they were kind enough to carry it up with me.  I show him my receipts from the other hotels.  I have to wait outside the management office while they deliberated.  Then, finally, they allow me to get the bike.  Now, did they grab the bike from the back?  Nope.  I had to walk back and get it.  The security manager was watching it, as he had promised.  Nice guy out of the lot.   Then, i finally get to the room and take a shower.  The stupid shower drained was backing up and i had to call housekeeping.  I’m not making this shit up, really.  So the repairman comes and unclogs the shower drain, and leaves.  It’s all dirty and wet in the whole bathroom!  I just start laughing.  They were trying to keep this piece of shit room clean?  Ha!!  I took pics of the room, they need a serious renovation.  So i call housekeeping again.  I inform them the bathroom was left in a state by their repairman, and i am about to hang up and call Joel, the dick.  Now, by the time i hung up they had a couple of guys knocking on my door.  They did a thorough and nice job; they were good kids.  I tipped them nicely because they were good guys. 


Chilling in a rickshaw.  Earlier we had the bike in there along with myself and two other people.  It was great.

     So, the next morning i left the hotel and took a rickshaw across the river.  Then, i cycled to Benaulim beach. 
More later…  

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