Wandering to Goa

So I left The Park Hotel in Navi Mumbai.  The traffic is so bad that the hotel manager put my bike and myself in a Honda CRV to take me across the river.  The driver drove me out of Mumbai.  I am actually quite happy about that because it would have been impossible to get through that area without being hit.  So, i got on the route and started cycling.  I have plenty of pics and some video, but cannot upload due to the wifi issues.  I am writing this from Crush cafe in Goa, but they don’t have enough bandwidth to allow me to upload pics.  So here is what happened next:::
I was on my way.  The road is hilly, almost mountainous, and is quite narrow.  About 10 feet wide with lots of bus and lorry traffic.  So it was quite unnerving.  After about an hour i noticed the incredible heat.  It was 0930 am, and it was already 93f.  I had a full 3 litre camelback, but was going through it fast.  Then, i almost get sideswiped by a red bus (the state public transport bus).  So, now i am just super annoyed and cussing out every red bus in my way (truthfully, they were probably doing the same back to me :))))   Anyhow, it is now 1030, and my garmin reads that i have climbed 750 feet and only gone 25 km ( i now have another 105 km to go).  By 1130 am it was 99.2f and i was out of my full 3 litres of water.  So, now i was looking for a place to refill my camelback and get a snack.  I reckoned i needed to start replacing calories and salt or else the “Man with the Hammer” (cycling term for bonking- running out of energy) would catch up to me.  I had a nice rhythm going on this one long hill.  Very little traffic had passed me for about 15 minutes, and i was feeling good (except that i was out of water).  Then, the cows decided to block the road.  Its so difficult to stop on a 6.8degree incline when you are putting down some V.  But the cows had other intentions, and i had nowhere to go.  So, i stopped!!  And almost passed out.  My heart rate monitor indicated 180 + and that is a bit over 90% of threshold.  I started seeing black everywhere.  So, i threw the bike down and just walked a bit.  Finally go going again, and by now i had to find water.  At this point any water would work.  I have a steripen, so i knew i could sterilize any crazy water , if need be.  Well, there just isnt anything out there between villages.  However, i found a beach area finally.  There were some small shack type shops with coke, pepsi, water, and snacks!!  Yea!!  A coulple of guys came over and started taling to me on what i was doing.  They bought me  a large pepsi bottle, a liter of water , and some Lays potato chips.  So nice of them to do that.  They were there with their families on a beach vacation.  So i rested for about 20 minutes and refilled my camelbak and such.  I got going again, and the garmin said it was 1 pm, and over 100f.  I rode for another hour and my watch stated that the sun would start to set around 1645 (445pm).  So, i only had a few more hours to find myself a town and a hotel.  It was clear to me that i wasnt going to make it to Ratnagiri (which was supposed to be my first night waypoint).  An hour more of hills and 10 degree climbs and heat.  I couldnt find any restaurants… so , i hadnt eaten besides the lays chips and one protein bar.  Garmin said i had already blasted 1800 calories, so, i was starting to feel a loss of energy.  It was so hot that i was starting to feel ill.  At around 80 km, there was just nothing around, and my garmin was starting to lose power.  The satellite signal kept getting interrupted, and navigating by that became impossible.  So, i checked my phone.  Of course, no signal…  no sat data on that either.  No problem!!  I dont need that shit.  So i was running low on water again.  Thats almost 6 litres of water in 6 hours.  About right in a hot climate zone…  kept riding to find basics… water, food , and shelter.  Of course the red buses and the lorrys were still trying to kill me.  So dangerous.  It was stupid to be out here.
The bike was absolutely performing brilliantly!!  So much fun to be on the Epic.  The Arkel panniers, holding all my gear, were flawless and rock solid. Thanks go to Max at BiKe Barn katy for building such an awesome bike for me.  Also, all the Bike Barn Katy folks who were so kind to me in getting me fitted up… Brad, Frank, Luke, and all.. thank you.  Also, thanks to Paul and Kevin at Arkel for steering me in the right direction for the panniers.  They really are the best decision i could have made.  Thanks for all the help and your friendship!!
Its soooo hot, that i want to pass out.  This feeling is not good.  That just means that your body is dehydrated and it wants to shut down.  I had to find some resources soon, like quick.  I started to think about Rule #5, from the Rules, by the Velominati (a book given to me by my friend Paul, which i read on the flight).  So i dug deep and got over another long 2 km hill at 5.8 degree.  But then, the “Man with the Hammer” caught up to me…  read on tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Wandering to Goa

  1. I have checked on you daily and thought you might have fallen off the face of the earth since there were no posts…I was so super excited to see an update this morning. Never knew you were such a crazy man…take care of yourself, more water, please and lots of protein. Take care, prayers and I will continue to check in daily to see how you are doing. Safe travels my friend.


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