View from my hotel room. 


You see all kinds of things in Mumbai…



The traffic is unbelievable.  Its constant traffic 24hrs a day.  It takes hours to get anywhere.  The Gates of India are about 12 miles away from my hotel, and it took 2 hours to get there and 2.5 hours back…  I cannot put it into words  how much car, bus, lorry, rickshaw, motorcycle, cart, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic there is at all times.  Just maddening.  But they all get along just fine.  There doesnt seem to be any road rage.  Just alot of honking the horn to let each other know where they are.  Everyone honks to communicate with each other.  It’s a complete language,,, this honking.  I haven’t seen a single fender bender, even though most of the time everyone is millimeteres away from each other… amazing.

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