Mumbai, part two

So, I haven’t yet mentioned how slow the internet speeds are in India.  Apparently 3G speeds are new here.  I bought a 3G d link cellular wifi/myfi dongle.  It creates a localized wifi access point.  However, it is max speed of 21mbps, and most of the time (if it is able to find a data connection from a tower) runs between 7-14.4 mbps.  Regardless, this makes posting a very difficult task, due to the immense bandwidth usage by pictures.  So, i bought the hotel’s (not included with room) wifi bundle.  It is a bit better, but I can only upload a few pics at a time, or else my blog crashes and i have to start over.  Very frustrating.  However, it’s India! 


More pics.  Mumbai will have to have several chapters due to the internet issues. 




I think they are an Italian knockoff scottie store… want one!! 


Funny signs everywhere.

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