Some more pics and stuff from the area


In one of the many traffic circles.  Each traffic circle has some kind of theme to it.


Another traffic circle.  I think this one is about world peace?  I likee the tank. 


There is so much building going on.  This building is going to be part of a new city center with IT, biosciences, and other fields. 


Villas are almost finished being built.  Most of the buildings were complete; they were working on the grounds around the complex.  I think the other side is a lake.  I didn’t go inside to look.  They were on the westside of town… kinda like a Katy TX…  it was nice and quiet.


This is the road out west… Nice new expressway.  Lots of truck traffic along the way.  Trucks taking all kinds of building supplies and other materials to all the projects going on. 


Trucks (lorries) and more trucks… i won’t be riding on this expressway…


Toll booths… usually every 75-100 km.  I was in a Toyota Inova mini van, and the charge was 23 rupees, which is about 37 cents.  I wish the Westpark Tollway was that cheap!!!  My driver is funny.  He drives a Minister of somethings wife around sometimes, and he has his business card.  So, if there is a line in the toll booth, then, he takes the side access (where only police, emergency, and military vehicles go through).  He just flashes the biz card and doesn’t even bother to stop.  Too funny.  It could be anyones biz card, and no one would know, cause he doesn’t slow down!!  He has this look on his face that he belongs in that lane, and goes.. and they don’t come after him.  If they did he says he has the Minister’s biz card, so they would  just wave him off. 

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