On the way


Departed IAH, and on the way to
Dubai.  Change planes there, then onto India. 


Dubai from the air.  Very bright city.  It looks very impressive from the air. 


Dubai International Airport. 


Buy a Porsche, duty free.  Unfortunately, it wouldn’t fit in the overhead. 



McLaren Supercar.  Comes with a Supermodel.  It wouldn’t fit either.  So sad, I had to leave her..the car that is…


Landed in Ahmedabad India.  This was the line for immigration check.   Three planes landed at once, and it was a long wait to get to the immigration officer.  Unbelievable.  It took about an hour and a half.  Then, I was off to collect me luggage.  Suprisingly, my Trico bike case was in a cart off to the side waiting for me.  Then, I had to wait and wait for my other bag to come out.  That took about an hour.  I almost gave up on it and started to head over to the Emirates counter to check for lost luggage protocol…  Then, all of a sudden twenty bags just start up again.  Unorganized… 

One thought on “On the way

  1. Hi Kris! I love hearing about your trip! So exciting! Keep posting! I read it all to Mike he wants a Porsche!
    Be careful! Have Fun!

    Mary and Mike


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