At the airport…

So Emirates check in was good.  Nice people to help along the way.  They don’t seem to be used to bike cases.  Nonetheless, Emirates supervisor was kind enough to step in and get it all checked in.  They probably need to update the baggage policy on their website.  I’m happy to help if they need assistance.  But I appreciate all the kindness from the Emirates staff.  Thanks.



6 thoughts on “At the airport…

  1. Hi Kris!! Are you ready for your journey? Tomorrow is your day!! Tomorrow is Mike’s birthday! Have a fun safe trip! Love reading your post! Be careful!


      1. Hello Kris! How are you? I love your pictures !
        The white tiger is to cool! Mike said you have been sick hope you are better and enjoying your trip!
        I love my scarf you gave me its just Beautiful! Ok
        Be safe and stay away from anything that is bigger
        Than you !! Haha!



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